Pure CSS coloured bullets

A lot of times we have to have our text one colour and the bullets in a bullet list another colour. There are plenty of places you will find the usual solution of wrapping the text in a span and giving the li one colour and li > span another. Sometimes however, we don't have access to the html or we simply don't want to add any extra markup and today, faced with this problem, I came up with a quick solution which seems to work well.

The main problem that manually adding a bullet causes is the text indenting doesn't work like it normally would on a list as only the first line will be indented...but this seemed to do the trick...


  • A list item
  • another list item
  • a multi-line
    list item
	    color: green;
	    list-style: none;
		display: table-row;
	    content: "•";
	    color: red;
	    vertical-align: top;
	    width: 15px;
	    display: table-cell;

Now as i said, this solution works well...in modern good browsers. I haven't had a chance to test it in all browsers so feel free to leave comments on any browser compatibility or incompatibility that you come across.


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