Google Dropping Support of Old Browsers

At last! One of the web giants is helping rid the world of those awful old browsers to help pave the way for more feature rich web browsing. From August 1st 2011, Google is planning to drop support for all browsers that are three versions old or more.

Web designers have been pulling their hair out because of the likes of Internet Explorer 6 still requiring support, but now it looks like google will be ignoring that browser and Internet Explorer 7 as well! This is fantastic news, as it will force a lot of people to upgrade to the latest versions meaning that websites can improve in functionality, security and compatibility.

Obviously there are some people that don't use google (honest!) but hopefully some of the other internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Bing will take on this kind of strategy. After all, it's in everyone's best interests.

I don't think this means that Google are actively going to make sure that things don't work in older browsers, they just won't be pandering to their needs and limitations, nor will they be testing in them. So if you continue to use an outdated browser, you may find things just don't work or look a mess.

Read the full story on the BBC News website

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